Independent Short Film Distribution Workshop

What do distributors do? Monica Lowe, Distribution Director at the Winnipeg Film Group for the past 12 years, will discuss how independent film distributors operate and what they can offer artists. Tips for self-distribution and maximizing your short film’s potential will be discussed along with several case studies of successful films. The workshop is designed for emerging to mid-career filmmakers working in the independent media arts model.

The Independent Short Film Distribution Workshop is open to filmmakers whose work is screening at the festival. Additional spaces may be available to HIFF alumni and the public subject to availability. If you would like to inquire about availability, please email Gianna at hiff@afcoop.ca

Sunday June 10 at 1pm - 4pm
Location: AFCOOP

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Workshop Host - Monica Lowe

Monica Lowe has been the Distribution Director at the Winnipeg Film Group since 2006. She has spearheaded many important projects, such as the re-striking of Guy Maddin’s Archangel and the construction of a climate-controlled media vault. She was the Editor on Finding Focus: Framing Canadian Métis and First Nations on Film, and the Managing Editor on Place: 13 Essays, 13 Filmmakers, 1 City. Over her 12 years, the Winnipeg Film Group has tripled the distribution fees paid to artists. Monica founded the Women’s Film & Video Network in 2015 and is one the founding members of VUCAVU, a comprehensive distribution platform for independent Canadian film and video. Monica has been the Chair of Nuit Blanche Winnipeg since 2012.



About the Winnipeg Film Group

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The Winnipeg Film Group is an education, production, exhibition and distribution centre committed to promoting the art of moving image. The Winnipeg Film Group aspires to be a world class film centre in Manitoba that supports filmmakers, engages the community and expands the appreciation of independent cinema.



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