In the space between memory and loss

by Ursula Handleigh

In the space between memory and loss is a two-channel expanded cinema installation that explores the

repetitive act of remembering and the erosion of memory. The two films are created without the use of a

camera, instead relying on additive and reductive processes of the hand to etch away emulsion on each

frame. Through the gesture of memory and the memory of gesture, the films, both absent and present

in their materiality, are moving yet still; the subtlety of the hand continually present and ever changing.

In the space between memory and loss
will be on exhibit in the Neptune lobby throughout the festival.




Ursula Handleigh

Ursula Handleigh is a Toronto-born cameraless photographer, currently living and working in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Using alternative and experimental approaches to image documentation, her practice explores the ways in which we choose to construct our personal histories and the archives we leave behind. Addressing questions of identity, perception, memory and kinship, Handleigh is a collaborator with time and place.

Using experiential photography and the personal archive as a foundation for exploration, her work explores expanded film and photography while challenging traditional methods of documentation. Handleigh received a Masters of Fine Arts from NSCAD University in 2017 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in 2012. Her work has been exhibited across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.