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TEAM HURRICANE | A film by Annika Berg



A Skype Q&A with Annika Berg will follow the screening.

Team Hurricane is a teen film for the Internet age. With the colour pallet of a candy store, this film takes an unapologetic look at the highs and lows of being on the cusp of adulthood.  The story follows eight teenage girls as they spend their summer at a youth club. Through a hybrid of documentary and fiction, director Annika Berg tackles anorexia, teenage sexuality, mental health and female friendships. With unscripted video diaries cut into the narrative, the ensemble cast found entirely on Instagram bring their own individual experiences to their role. Team Hurricane will become the feminist – punk teen movie you never knew you needed.

"Filmmaker Annika Berg describes her first feature film as a punk chick flick. The girls aren’t searching for romance, but for themselves and their place in this world. The film’s editing is as schizophrenic as growing up: journal shots alternate with over-stylised images of nature blooming, video clips and ads. Just like the girls rebelling against their heteronormative sex-ed and demanding their rightful place despite all their struggles, Annika Berg refuses to conform to the rules about linear narrative, classic plot structure and socially acceptable moral values. Hence the neon-green subtitles." - Rotterdam International Film Festival


Annika Berg

Since she was a teenager, Annika Berg (1987, Denmark) has been making films aiming to excite and challenge the audience with their innovative style, experiments and unusual narrative form. From 2003-2006 she attended Station Next – a 3-year film program for young talents based just outside of Copenhagen. In 2011 she was accepted to the highly appraised National Film School of Denmark. She graduated in 2015 to critical acclaim for her graduation film SIA, which also won best short film at the Danish Robert (Academy) Awards 2017. She has just finished her first feature film Team Hurricane - Radical Girls in an Ordinary World - a punk chick flick about teen girls that mixes highly stylized fiction with documentary material. Currently, she is working on her next feature.